How to Check Linux Kernel Version?

Sometimes we may need to check Linux kernel version information. In the previous article, we explained methods to find the Linux version. Current latest Linux kernel version details are available at To find the kernel details we can follow the methods uname command hostnamectl command /proc/version file dmesg command Check kernel version using uname … Read more

How to find the Linux distribution version?

Linux is a free open-source operating system. It is based on a Linux kernel which is developed by Linus Torvalds. There are different Linux variants available, they are collectively known as Linux distributions. Debian,Ubuntu,Arch Linux,Fedora,Red Hat Linux,CentOS,Fedora,OpenSUSE, are some popular Linux distributions. We may need to check the operating system name and version using the … Read more

How to find the WiFi version?

In this article, we will discuss methods to find the WiFi version. WI-Fi is the short form of Wireless Fidelity and it is a set of wireless protocols used in wireless communication of devices. It allows phones, computers, game consoles, etc to communicate over Wi-Fi radio signals. WiFi versioning introduced after Wifi version 3. Early … Read more