YouTube Shorts Downloader

youtube shorts downloader

In this tutorial, we will discuss a simple method to download YouTube short videos without using any websites. We can download Youtube Shorts videos using yt-dlp. It is youtube-dl for with additional features. This is a command-line tool to download videos from the internet. It has executables for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Install yt-dlp on … Read more

Python docstrings, format and examples

In this tutorial, we will discuss python docstrings, and learn about docstring format with examples. What is docstring in Python? Docstring is a string literal appears after the definition of modules, functions or classes. In other words, it is a description of the function, class or module. Lets define a small function to calculate the … Read more

How To Install Docker on Ubuntu? – All About Docker Installation

how to install docker on ubuntu feature image

Docker is a software platform that allows us to build, test and deploy applications easily. In this tutorial, we will discuss step by step guide to install docker on the Ubuntu machine. Installation prerequisites Before installing docker on Ubuntu we need to ensure the following prerequisites. We need a 64 bit version any one of … Read more

FFmpeg Audio Extraction

The FFmpeg is a cross-platform media file conversion tool. FFmpeg can be used for the audio extraction from video files. In this tutorial, we will discuss different ways to extract audio from video files using FFmpeg. FFmpeg audio extraction using command line For this, we need to install FFmpeg as the command line. Windows users … Read more

How To Use Lambda Function in Python

In this article, we will discuss lambda function definition and usages in Python. Lambda functions are also known as anonymous function or lambda expression. Lambda function definition A lambda function/expression is a notation used in the lambda calculus. A normal function is , where x is a variable but a lambda function as shown below … Read more