Difference between yield and yield from in Python

The PEP 255 introduced generators in Python. The yield keyword is normally used with generators. This article will discuss the difference between “yield” and “yield from“. The yield statement The generator is a function that returns an iterator. Normally a generator function has a yield statement. To define a generator function we need to use … Read more

How to Solve Gradio Interface not visible on Windows 10

Gradio is a fast way to build interfaces for machine learning apps. In Windows10 Gradio interfaces are not visible as shown below. To fix this problem,first find the python installation folder. Type the following command in the command prompt: In my case it is “D:\ananconda\envs\gradtest\“. Open the routes.py file in any text editor. Full path … Read more

How To Enable God Mode in Windows 11

Enable god mode Windows 11

This article will discuss the steps to enable “God mode” in Windows 11. The God mode is actually the Windows Master Control panel shortcut. Later back in 2010 some bloggers named it “God Mode”. As per the Microsoft developer comment, it is the “All Tasks” folder. God mode is a shortcut to access various control … Read more

How To Recover Disk Space From Docker

How To Recover Disk Space From Docker

This article will discuss methods to recover disk space from docker. Sometimes systems get piled up by docker images and we might get a low disk space warning. Run the following steps to recover disk space from docker : 1. Remove unused docker data Unused docker containers, networks, images, and volumes takes disk space. To … Read more

How to Set Up Carbon Programming Language on Ubuntu 22.04

Setup carbon programming language on Ubuntu 22.04

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up Carbon programming language on Ubuntu 22.04. Carbon is a general-purpose programming language. First introduced by Google engineer Chandler Carruth at the CppNorth conference. Carbon fixes some shortcomings of C++ and Rust languages, the Carbon project is available on GitHub. Follow the steps to install the … Read more

Python Reverse A String

In this article, we will discuss reversing a string in Python. We will look into different approaches. 1. Naive method In this naive approach, we will loop through each letter in the string and joins them to form a reverse string as shown below. Output 2. Reverse using list.reverse() In this approach, we will convert … Read more

Law of Demeter

In this article, we will understand the Law of Demeter (LoD), the principle of least knowledge. It is a design guideline to develop software, particularly in the object-oriented (OO) world. Ian Holland introduced this law in 1987 when he was working on the Demeter project. Demeter is the Greek goddess of Agriculture. The LoD got … Read more

VSCodium or Visual Studio Code ?

vscodium or vscode feature image

VSCodium is a free open source version of VS code. In this article we will see its features and what makes it different from VS code editor. The License VS Codium is licensed under MIT license. Microsoft’s VS code’s source code is opensource (MIT) but the product available for download is not FLOSS(Free-Libre / Open … Read more