Fix DALL-E mini “Too much traffic” error message with colab- A step by step Guide

DALLE-E mini is a good app to generate images from text. Due to heavy traffic, the DALLE mini-app started to show the error “Too much traffic, try again later”. In this tutorial, we will use DALLE mini colab notebook to solve this error.

Google Colab account

First of all you need to have a Google Colab free account, simply sign up with your Google account.

Create an account in

Create a free account in WandB using a Google account.

Give your details and create an account in, you can skip the team details step.

The DALLE-mini Colab notebook

First, we sign in to the account, then open the DALLE-mini Colab notebook.

Open this DALLE mini colab notebook.

Next, run the cell (click the play button left side of the cell) to install DALLE-mini required libraries. If you get this message “Notebook requires high RAM” click ok(As we are using only DALLE mini model it should work).

Next, we need to select a model for dalle mini, the default model is a dalle-mega model if you have colab pro you can use the mega model.

We have a free colab account,so we need to use the mini model. Follow the steps to select the model.

# dalle-mega
DALLE_MODEL = "dalle-mini/dalle-mini/mega-1-fp16:latest" 

Comment out this line put a hash(#) in front of the line ( #DALLE_MODEL = “dalle-mini/dalle-mini/mega-1-fp16:latest”), next uncomment(remove the hash #) from below line.

DALLE_MODEL = "dalle-mini/dalle-mini/mini-1:v0"

After these changes model selection should look like as shown below.

Text prompt

You can change text prompt in the cell.

prompts = [
    "sunset over a lake in the mountains",
    "the Eiffel tower landing on the moon",

Keep only one prompt as shown below, remove the text “sunset over a lake in the mountains”.

prompts = [  "the Eiffel tower landing on the moon"]

You can change text prompts and generate images.

prompts = [
    "Spiderman eating idli"


There you have it, now you can use DALLE mini to generate images from text without getting “too much traffic error”. Hope you enjoyed our tutorial, feel free to share it with your friends.