WhatsApp Message Wp20.ru link

In this article, we will discuss wp20.ru link message circulating on WhatsApp. We might get this message from friends/family please don’t click it it is a malicious link(contains a virus).

Wp20 Whatsapp message

I got these messages from some of my friends, but I normally don’t click this kind of suspicious link. I decided to do an analysis of it.

We can see 9 different antivirus vendors listed this link as Malware/Phishing/ Suspicious link. So stay away from this link, If you see a link starting with wp20.ru don’t click it.

If you accidentally clicked it, then it is better to restart your phone/desktop clear the browser cache, cookies, etc.

To clear the browser cache:

  • Chrome users follow these steps.
  • Firefox users follow these steps.
  • Safari users these steps.

The Wp20 link belongs to the following malicious categories:

It would instantly download a virus that would run on your computer/mobile device and pollute your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge…all are vulnerable), and regularly show you aggressive advertisements.

A link, sent by Whatsapp users, would claim that by clicking on the link, you would get a basket of Milka chocolate, something to please your loved ones ahead of Easter. Unfortunately, this link does nothing but install this virus. It is therefore important not to send it to 20 contacts, as requested.

Follow the steps to stay away from these suspicious links

  • Do not click on the suspicious link on WhatsApp messages/social media.
  • If you clicked on the link, do not put your personal information.
  • Do not send this link around.
  • It is better to use free antivirus software like Avast it will prevent loading malicious links/viruses.