How to create Signal stickers

The signal app has stickers support. This article will discuss a cool way to create your own stickers. Simply follow the steps to create the Signal sticker pack.

To create Signal stickers first you need to download Signal desktop app from

Install the Signal app for your PC and login to your Signal account. From the file menu select create /upload sticker pack

Signal creator

You will see a signal sticker pack creator window. You can use any PNG, APNG (Animated portable PNG), or WebP file with transparent background. WebP is a new image compression format defined by Google. The image size should be 512 x512.

Create your sticker in using any image creation software. I created a test sticker using photoshop and saved it as PNG file.

Creating signal sticker

Add created sticker image to signal sticker creator as shown below

Signal sticker creator adding image

Attach emoji to sticker as shown below you can add multiple sticker images to create a sticker pack. Here we are using only one image for the tutorial.

Signal sticker creator adding emoji

Add details of sticker pack name and creator name then upload stickers you will get a sticker download link as shown below you can share it with your friends

Share sticker pack link

Created signal pack available here

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