Internet Speed Test From Terminal

Sometimes we need to test internet speed and we shall use websites like, etc but in this article, we will discuss a way to check internet speed from the terminal.

We can use CLI(Command-line interface) tool to check the internet speed.

Install speedtest CLI on Ubuntu/Debian

Firstly, install curl using the below command.

sudo apt-get install curl

After that run the following command to install speedtest CLI.

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get install speedtest

After the installation, type speedtest command in the terminal. For the first time, it will ask you to accept a license.

Internet speed test from ubuntu terminal

For Fedora/CentOS/Redhat users

Run the following commands to install speedtest CLI.

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo yum install speedtest

Intalling speedtest on Windows

For Windows download speedtest binary (x86_64 only) from the site. Extract the zip file it has two files, a speedtest.exe and The file contains documentation of speedtest.exe.

To run the speedtest from the command prompt add the speedtest.exe path to PATH environment variable.

To add environment variable follow the steps,

  • Search “environment variable” in search bar.
  • Open edit system environment variables app.
  • You will see system properties window and click “Environment variables” button.
  • A window wll popup and add path as shown below,click ok.
Edit environment variable

Finally, open the command prompt and type speedtest.

speedtest windows


There you have it, a simple way to test internet speed from the terminal.

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