Try this trick to turn the GitHub repository into a VSCode editor

VSCode is a good source code editor. This tutorial will discuss a trick to turning a GitHub repository into a VSCode editor. It is just a simple 1-second trick.

The idea behind the trick is github1s a cool project by conwnet. Ok, let’s start.

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Open a GitHub repository. Here we are using ExMplayer media player repository. You can use any GitHub repository.

ExMplayer github repository.

Step 2: Now we need to edit the URL of the Github repository.

Here URL is:

We need to replace with github1s (Simply add 1s to GitHub), now the URL becomes

Change URL and hit the enter key and now the entire repository will be opened in the VSCode editor.

Github VSCode

Now we can browse the source code and use all the features of VS Code editor.


In conclusion, with this simple trick, it is easy to read GitHub repository code using the VSCode in the browser. Hope this will definitely help to improve productivity. Read about how to delete a repository in Github.