Best Free Text to Image Generator App for Android

Text-to-image art generation is a trending topic in the AI community. This article focus on the best free text-to-image art generator app for Android.

Text-to-image generation requires a description of the image as if you were writing a caption for a photo. So prompt means the description of the image. See the examples.

Description can contain styles (digital art, oil painting, or illustration), colors, or emotions.

a fantasy landscape 
An astranaut riding a horse,digital art
A dog with red hat


SDImageGenerator (Stable Diffusion Image Generator) is a text-to-image generation app for Windows/Android. You can read more details about SDImageGenerator for Windows. Now we will discuss the android version of the app.

First, download and install the SDImageGenerator for Android from Google Play Store.

Install SDImageGenerator from the Google Play Store

After the installation, enter a description of the image and hit the dream button. Wait for the image to generate.

SDImageGenerator output

If you don’t like the output image, you can generate another image keeping the same description. It is a simple workflow.

Image descriptions can be more complex as shown below.

You can get more prompt ideas from