Easy way to run Stable Diffusion XL on Low VRAM GPUs

Run stable diffusion XL on low VRAM GPUs

Stable Diffusion XL is a generative AI model developed by Stability AI. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to run Stable Diffusion XL on low VRAM GPUS (less than 8GB VRAM). StableDiffusion XL is designed to generate high-quality images with shorter prompts. The model can generate large (1024×1024) high-quality images. System Requirements We need to … Read more

AVIF vs JPEG: What’s the difference and which is better?


JPEG and AVIF are two types of digital image storage file formats. In this article, we will compare these two image formats. We will consider the following factors for AVIF vs JPEG comparison. Year of Invention File extension Image Quality Compression technology Animation support Storage space Color depth Operating systems support Browser support Year of … Read more

Easy Way to Run Stable Diffusion XL on Colab using DiffusionMagic

Stable diffusion XL colab

Stable Diffusion XL can be used to generate high-resolution images from text. This tutorial will discuss running the stable diffusion XL on Google colab notebook. SDXL System requirements Stable Diffusion XL uses advanced model architecture, so it needs the following minimum system configuration System RAM: 16 GB GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 graphics card (equivalent … Read more

How to use Adobe Firefly – A Step-by-Step Guide

Adobe firefly step by step guide feature image

Generative AI is a hot topic nowadays, it could be an image, text, audio, video generation, etc. Adobe introduced Firefly to generate images from text. In this article, we will discuss how we can use it freely. First, open your browser and open this link Adobe Firefly. Sign in with your Adobe ID or Gmail/Facebook/Apple … Read more

12 Best New Features Of Ubuntu 23.04 – Lunar Lobster

Top features of Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

Canonical has released Ubuntu 23.04 with great new features. This article discusses all the new features introduced in Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster). Official release date: 20 April 2023 Support end date: Ubuntu 23.04 will be supported for 9 months until January 2024. For long-term support(LTS) we need to use Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. You can read … Read more